Booth Information
The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)
Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA)
Japan Auto-Body Industries Association, Inc. (JABIA)
Japan Automotive Machinery and Tool Manufacturers Association (JAMTA)
Japan Automobile Importers Association (JAIA)
October 24 (Thu.)-November 4 (Mon/Holiday.), 2019
Press Days
October 23 (Wed)
October 24 (Thu.)
Official Ceremony Day
(Guests for opening ceremony, etc.)
October 24 (Thu.)
Special Invitation Day
Special Invitation Day for Persons with Disabilities
October 24 (Thu.)
Preview Day**
October 25 (Fri.)
General Public Days - Mon.-Sat.
October 25 (Fri.)
October 26 (Sat.)
October 28 (Mon.)-November 2 (Sat.)
General Public Days - Sundays, Holidays
October 27 (Sun.), November 3 (Sun.), November 4 (Monday/ Holiday)
Tokyo Big Sight
(Aomi Hall, West/ South Hall, MEGAWEB, Symbol Promenade Park, The Parking lot next to Tokyo Fashion Town (TFT) Building)
(opening hours may be changed and entry into the venue may be limited whenever necessary)
*Ticket for the Preview day is also available for the General Public hours 14:00-20:00 on Friday, October 25.
West Hall 4F, W4202

Providing a society where people can travel anywhere freely and safely.

The DENSO's safety technology not only protects you, but it also expands your possibilities.

You can travel to places once considered too far to reach, see things you have never seen before, and throw yourself into a whole new experience.

With state-of-art safety technology, DENSO is creating a world where travel, safety, and freedom are simple facts of everyday life.

/ Safety Solution Theater /
Providing the ultimate in safety for everyone.
This year's DENSO booth exhibit features a display hosted in 1 lux of super-low light, the light output equivalent of moonlight.
In this darkness, our display will simulate the power of the DENSO vision sensor and DENSO’s millimeter-wave radar sensor technologies by putting a miniature car to the test against our projection.

DENSO believes in electrified mobility that will move society towards a sustainable future.

Our engineers have been finding more efficient ways to power the vehicles and improve the driving experience.
We must now look beyond just improving conventional vehicles toward the use of electrified and connected mobility with cloud.

It is our desire to create mobility solutions that inspire people, while remaining sustainable for generations to come.

/ Electrification Table /
What does “electrification” mean? Will all vehicles turn become electric?
The concept of electric vehicle is still for many greatly misunderstood. Watch our demonstration, which will guide you through a series of informative and interactive tables.
This explanation will offer insight into important concepts of vehicle electrification: from the motor, and inverter, to the battery management unit.

DENSO’s vision for the future of vehicles is more than a means of transportation.

By using the latest IoT technology “Mobility IoT Core”, vehicles are connected to the cloud so that your traveling time is no longer wasted behind the wheel. Traveling can now be a valuable moment spent with family or doing business.

DENSO’s IoT technology brings unprecedented new values and opportunities for modern lifestyles to the world.

Imagine your life with a vehicle of the future. In the DENSO URBAN MOVES area, you will experience the future of driving in a vehicle that realistically simulates each scenario; “TRAVEL”, “BUSINESS”, and “DAILY”. You will see first hand just how your life can become more convenient and enjoyable. Embrace the freedom and mobility of the future!